Thursday, July 1, 2010

Review: Cyrus

Cyrus, unlike I Am Love, is a film with an impact that lessens with distance.  I correlate these movies now only because I saw them one after the next and where I Am Love suffered from an iffy beginning, Cyrus flickers out into a sort of mediocre end.  That's not a spoiler, it's just a fact.  Cyrus is a charmer of an indie-comedy that delivers all of its laughs, romance, and heart in a compact 90-minute package that's so easy to digest it feels as though the closing credits arrive prematurely.  With some films, you leave so enamored you just wanted more, but with Cyrus you feel like you've been deprived of that last piece of the narrative.  It ends too soon.  The climax came and went and you didn't even know it.  Still, if you can forgive a sub par endpoint in exchange for some genuine laughs, Cyrus is generally worth a look.

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