Friday, July 9, 2010

Novelty Treats: Rachel Maddow's Class Picture

Guys, I'm not on the Rachel Maddow bandwagon.  She's alright and stuff but that's not why I'm posting this.  I'm posting this because you are on the Rachel Maddow bandwagon.  Why else? Because everyone likes photographic evidence that suggests there was a point in the past where something was very different than it was now. 

<-----Rachel Maddow is one of those things.  So blonde!  So pearly!  She looks like she'd like to play some tennis doubles with you at the club next weekend before lounging at the beach and making mimosas and then deciding that she'd like to be hooked up with a job at Fox News.

See, I look at my school pictures and wonder how it was that they managed to catch me looking the dorkiest ever each year between ages 11-17.  Dorkiest ever!  Messy, unkempt hair, glasses I would forget to take off, unhappy, vaguely dazed looking expressions, shiny nose, mildly autistic squint, overall bad.  Those pictures I'm just like..."oh no, that was a bad time, please don't show anybody."  Rachel Maddow?  This is those pictures for her.  She's like "Oh, how you know that I was super blonde and healthy looking." 

Rachel Maddow!  Shockingly not awkward!

1 comment:

  1. i dunno... i mean are you sure its not some guy dressed as rachel maddow from high school?

    im pretty sure there is an adam's apple there.

    and a penis.



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