Friday, June 18, 2010

Snoop loves Sookie Stackhouse

This is a real thing, guys.  Snoop Dogg is a committed fan of HBO's culty vamp show True Blood.  So much so that's he's made a music video to prove it.  He really love Sookie Stackhouse, guys, and there are some great show-appropriate lyric shout outs and slams in here too.  "Dogg get some love, won’t trick you like Eric and make you drink blood"  Yup. Fact.  "Sam ain’t a man he done turned into a bitch" Also true.  "Bill ain’t for real, he ain’t true blood, Snoop is a G, I smoke true bud.”  For sure. Sookie bling.  Sookie backup dancers.  This is the best ridiculous thing I've seen all week. 

Dear Snoop Dogg - Please make videos like this for all of the television programs you enjoy.  I hear you're a big fan of the BBC's Keeping Up Appearances, that's something everyone wants to see.


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