Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seen & Heard: Lady Gaga, Alejandro

Hell. Yes.  Machine gun bras, fascist uniformed militaristic perversion (just a hint of Night Porter), black and white, dark Catholic-bent perversion, Joan of Arc, snow, a splash of Madonna at her best, and so much fashion.  The "Alejandro" video is, surprisingly, the one that comes closest to the mood created by the Hedi Slimane big screen segues in the Monster Ball live show.  While the mix of influences and imagery is a little helter skelter, I love this sort of cold, distant, black and blue aesthetic (though the easy read whites and purples of this blog might suggest otherwise).  The strict contrasts and blend of edgy religious/political undertones (I wouldn't call them fully formed enough to be opinions or stances, I would just call it art) with color saturated de-sexed sexuality makes for a video I absolutely would not have expected to accompany such an upbeat, Ace of Base-y pop song.  Approved.

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