Monday, June 14, 2010

Review: Get Him to the Greek

Get Him to the Greek is not Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Though it's partially a spin-off based on Russell Brand's rock star lothario Aldous Snow from that sun-soaked rom com, you can forget Sarah Marshall.  Aldous Snow already has.  The closest you'll come to the Jason Segel's film is a televised Kristen Bell cameo in which Snow takes a hard look and decides that yes, in fact, he does think he used to have sex with her.  No, Get Him to the Greek is not Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  It's a deep black pit of a comedy where everything potentially sweet is soured and the gods of chaos pummel mercilessly at bruised egos and strikingly somber undertones.  The superficial lure is a madcap buddy comedy of errors, but beware: Get Him to the Greek does not know when to stop. It dives headfirst into music industry excess and transforms suddenly into a frequently unpleasant cautionary tale on the limits of control.  It's also, of course, scathingly funny....

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  1. cant wait to watch that movie




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