Wednesday, June 30, 2010

McQueen without McQueen

The first Alexander McQueen collection since McQueen's untimely death earlier this year has arrived.  Under the guidance of designer Sarah Burton, the resort collection feels much in keeping with the dramatic flair established by her mentor.  I'm particularly fond of these matching pieces and the combination of elements that conjure up images of Winged Victory, or a regal Joan of Arc as much as they do matadors (for some reason I've been all about the idea of matadors the last few days, even though I think bullfighting is repulsive and horrible.  yeah, I don't know what they did in your middle school, but at mine in 7th grade Spanish class they were all about making us watch bullfighting.  I sat out in the hall.  animal cruelty...i'm opposed to it.  on the other hand - if she'd told me the bull gored the matador, I probably would have stayed.  this was the same year we had to watch a very graphic documentary about the Ebola virus.  that one was awesome.  AWESOME.).  It's too early to really cast a final vote on Burton's direction for the McQueen label, but my gut says I want that dress, so things are looking to be in good hands.  See the rest of the line (and significantly more legitimate input) here

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