Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kid Stuffs: Smurfs & Narnia

All I can say is: I'm lucky I was never really a Smurfs kid. I mean, Hollywood has already destroyed Garfield and Alvin & the Chipmunks. If I'd ever really cared about little blue people, I'd be ready to rage as the trailer for their big-screen return looks, well, just as gratingly bad as you might expect.

Speaking of not-so-hot CGI, Narnia is back as well.  The trailer for the Disney's thirds installment of the series-Voyage of the Dawn Treader - has hit the web.  The good news: it looks like a bit of an improvement over the bland Prince Caspian.  The bad news: it still has that dude (Ben Barnes) who played Prince Caspian.  Acting!  He's not the best!  Dawn Treader focuses on the younger Pevensie children (Lucy and Edmund) as they once again find themselves magically transported to their magical second lives (this time with an obnoxious cousin in tow).  Expect more rodents with weapons. Do not expect Eddie Izzard to voice them.  He's been replaced by Bill Nighy.
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