Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This Cinco de Mayo, do not partake of the Tequila.

Oh boy. Perez Hilton was bad enough.  Now that he's started to calm down a little bit, we've got to deal with the new bitch on the block: Tila Tequila.  MySpace celebrity and human chihuahua/plastic hybrid Tila Tequila is about to get real familiar with libel laws with the launch of her new celebrity gossip blog, Miss Tila OMG!  It's existed for nary a week and already it's an obvious cesspool of bad taste, poorly considered slams, and so much cattyness and rumormongering that you can bet a couple B-list celebrities have already consulted their lawyers (yeah, she's already made a point of spreading second hand sex-related rumors about underage Miley good can come of this).

I shouldn't even mention this, because that only gives her brand of privacy invasion and illiterate crowd pleasing more power, but I mean...honestly.  There are parts of this that are really too funny in a way that's almost tragically naive.  I mean, the introductory video (posted above) cites Ms. Tequila's reason for starting a blog as being because she's been in "this industry" (really, I'm not sure I know what industry she's talking about.  The internet industry? The MySpace industry? Internet modeling? Certainly not Hollywood or "journalism") for nearly a decade and knows a lot of dark secrets about a lot of people.

Let's consider that for just a second before we all agree that what she's done is the celebrity equivalent of a teenage girl's Burn Book, only, and quite illogically, right out in the open.  Amazing.  Who's picturing a black and white scene where an A List starlet walks up in a huge fur stole and pin curls, slaps down Tila Tequila and tells her "you'll never work in this town again"?  Just me? 

All of this, from the bad grammar, to the slanted perspective, to the perpetuation of a culture of internet bullying makes the existence of this site skyrocket up the ranks of things cited in the "what is wrong with society" shit list.  Yeah. This is me being some sort of cranky, self-righteous blowhard. 

Ugh. I have a gigantic migraine.  Here's some slander for you: glancing at Tila Tequila's gossip blog may cause instantaneous brain tumors.

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