Monday, May 3, 2010

I Don't Like It: Ke$ha meets the Simpsons

I'm quite sure I've maybe seen one new episode of The Simpsons over the last couple years.  I loved the show in elementary school (no, I'm not kidding, I sketched the family in my kindergarten journal) and continued to watch it on and off for most of my teen years.  Matt Groening and Fox have run The Simpsons for most of my conscious life and while I won't hesitate to say it's just not as good as it used to be, I'm generally cool with its perpetuation.  Apparently, though, events occurred during last night's episode that must now make me question my stance.  What are these events, you ask?  Well, last night the opening theme song was transformed into a lip-dub sequence to trash humper Ke$ha's hugely overplayed party anthem "Tik Tok".  Here it is:

I don't get it.  Sure it's upbeat and peppy, but why?  Is this an attempt to reinsert The Simpsons back into the lives of teenagers with glitter in their hair and 3OH!3 tracks in their 25 Most Played on iTunes?  Maybe.  I can respect the need to seek out a new target audience.  But why Ke$ha specifically?  Is it the song's non-functional alcoholic narrative structure?  Was it just a random thought someone had when they were totally bored?  Could they not catch the rights to Gaga? Was it down to this and "Party in the USA"?  I don't know. While part of me appreciates the pop-up swarm of characters I haven't seen in quite a bit, most of me just thinks this is a sign of bad things yet to come.  An animated apocalypse.  It feels desperate, the slightly off flailing motion of an aging hipster.

A better use of Ke$ha based humor?  An analysis of "Tik Tok" by Pulitzer-winning poet Paul Muldoon.  Let's examine the construction and insights of this deeply speck of pop detritus...


  1. Jon MeyerMay 03, 2010

    the simpsons/ke$ha video you embedded was pulled from youtube.

    aside from that, i liked the kesha opener. sure, kesha will likely be a one hit wonder, but the song itself is fun (for now).

    also, compared to family guys 150th episode where brian ate stewies poop and vomit, this was a masterpiece.

  2. I know the Simpson's lip sync to Ke$ha was desperate but I still found it amusing. All of their opening skits have gotten longer and longer to fill the episode time. The older episodes are so much better and a lot more memorable.



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