Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Everywoman

A week or so ago, Andre Leon Talley, Vogue editor and Top Model judge-extraordinaire appeared on Martha Stewart's daytime show and revealed, while wearing a couture apron, that Martha used to be a model in the 60's.  Not just a catalog model, no, Stewart modeled for the likes of Chanel.  When I heard this, I hadn't been able to do a quick Google image search, nor do I know that that would have yielded the results that have now surfaced.  Yes, the photos posted are Martha Stewart.  Way before all the cookbooks, scandal, and domestic mastery.  I'll be honest, I've never in my life associated she of khakis, button downs, and sensible haircuts with glamorous magazine spreads and high cheekbones, and I find this completely strange and intriguing.  It's like being in elementary school and seeing your teachers interact outside of the classroom, or watching zoo animals.  More than that, though, it raises a very serious questions about what territory Martha hasn't yet conquered.  She'll probably beat James Cameron to Mars on decorating merits alone.   Anyhow, Tory Burch has a little slide show of additional photos, with Stewart commentary, on her blog, and Styleite has collected a few others on their site as well.    


  1. she also makes a killer dickie...

    * video would be attached if NBC execs weren't misers about SNL video...

    **DISCLAIMER** the above comment is derived from fact. I attribute all knowledge I have of said fact to SNL, NBC, GE, Ana Gasteyer, Comedy Central, my Uncle Steve and some guy named "Francis".

  2. Agreed, and hysterical. Facts are all the rage these days, it seems.



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