Monday, May 17, 2010

Dior + Lynch + Cotillard

Oh, wait, you haven't left the modern art museum.  You thought you did, but you wound up trapped in another labyrinth and down an austere hallway and into another darkened room with a strange soundtrack and a flickering digital projector.  David Lynch, who is paradoxically surprisingly and unsurprisingly no stranger to advertising, was recruited to direct a sixteen minute film ad for Dior.   The film, "Lady Blue Shanghai" is actually the third installment in Dior's short film campaign featuring Marion Cotillard.  The other ads were directed by international filmmakers Olivier Dahan and Jonas Akerlund, respectively, but this one is unabashedly and unflinchingly Lynchian down to its shadow play and close ups.  Of course, that doesn't necessarily make it a great ad, but it is a pretty curiosity.

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