Friday, May 7, 2010


I complain when I have to walk like a block in heels.  I mean, I can run, jump, and possibly climb trees in them, but I complain a lot about concrete or moving in general.  This is because I'm maybe a little whiny and overdramatic, yes, but I sense most women (or, people in general) feel similarly.  That's the difference between Chicago and New York, right?  There all the Carrie Bradshaw transplants are trying to will themselves to live and become by stomping their Louboutins down into the subway, here, ladies just pack a pair of walking shoes.  With this in mind, let's take a moment to look at what Lady Gaga wore for a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Hooves.  Those are hooves.  She's a faun.  A faun in a spiked face mask. 

That's amazing, but she's going to have seriously massive podiatry bills later in life.  I like those shoes. Because I'm weird.  I would totally wear them.  But, you'd likely never see a picture of me standing in them.  Because those are shoes for sitting down and inviting others to admire how ridiculous your shoes are.  All I'm saying, really, is that you should be impressed.

Update: Search the web, Little Monsters, there are 6 new leaked Gaga tracks floating around the internets.  She's rapping heavily on one called "Ribbons", so go scavenge...

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