Monday, May 24, 2010

Boots & Boys

For some reason, this blog always has me mentioning Velvet Goldmine.  For some reason, it's always totally relevant.  Today, because I've seen Velvet Goldmine x amount of times and have always professed a deep desire to raid the movie's wardrobe, I have an obvious obligation to tell you all about the trend report filed by London's Times Online: man heels.  Yes.  Man heels.  Because the men folk want to be Lady Gaga too!  Apparently, we're shifting into a glam rock/disco second coming or something because dandy style elevated shoes for guys are starting to show up in a big way.  Can I confess that for some reason this makes me totally giddily excited?   Like, I just want to see it and pretend like maybe the outside world has become the amalgamation of decades that I live in in my head.  !!!  Yes. I'm geeking out about the slight chance that men who are not dragged out may be walking down a city block in heels.

Anyhow, the man heel (also, lamely referred to as the "meel") has been popping up in hipster havens, goth quarters, and at international fashion weeks.  Of course, a lot of this is just that slightly elevated 60's mod boot.  Cuban heels.  But, have no fear, there are men in platformed, stiletto options as well.  According to The Times, UK department store Selfridges "reports a particular appetite for this style of boot. Sam Lobban, a contemporary buyer for the store, described the look as “flamboyant, but in an edgy, cool way. Heeled boots are the epitome of this and seem a natural turn for our customer — rock’n’roll twinned with elegance.” [source]

Style site Refinery29 has a feature on the man heel as well.  You can thank them for being the source of most of my picture scrounging to shed some light on this little Times noteworthy tidbit.  I honestly don't see why men shouldn't wear heels.  They can balance, right?  And besides, outside of sneakers, the options for formal man shoes are super bland.  So, who says they're gender specific?

Via Refinery29: "Above, from left: Jean-Michel Cazabat Boot, $695, available at Barneys; Rick Owens Boot, available at Rick Owens Boutique; 250 Hudson St (at Broome St); 212-627-7222."

Images via: Refinery 29, Team Peter Stigter, & Racked

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  1. only hipsters will wear these. and no one likes hipsters.



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