Monday, May 10, 2010

Banksy in Chicago

Guys!!  Banksy has been to Chicago! Exciting times!  The British graffiti artist left an Untouchables inspired mark at the corner of Randolph and Peoria.  Yep, it's even been confirmed on his official website.  Run! Go check it out before Mayor Daley's Graffiti Blasters get to it! [Via Chicagoist]
[Photo credits: Maxwell Colette]

Update: Public apologies to gallery Maxwell Colette for the uncredited use of their photos.  No harm intended, just got ahead of myself and didn't notice the photo credit when checking my facts on Chicagoist.  Past that, further apologies for apparently writing up an excited blurb so completely bland and fact-based that it appears in any way unoriginal.  It was my intention to quickly cite the location for friends and readers who wished to visit, noting the bureaucratic risk to the artwork in question by an organization we Chicago graffiti aficionados all know exists, and pointing out what every film fanatic will recognize as an homage to the Battleship Potemkin Odessa steps sequence in the Chicago-centric, Union Station filmed The Untouchables...there are only a handful of ways to get that information across.  It's pretty tough to crib blunt truths.    

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