Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seriously? Bad Decisions All Around.

Alright, I'm going to go ahead and just say that I have absolutely no idea why Dreamworks thought this would ever be a good idea.  Then I'm going to follow it and wonder why the hell men's mag Vman would ever want to use these animated characters in a photo spread.  Seriously.  There's little that screams 'fashion' or 'iconic' about Shrek & co., and now Dreamworks and Paramount are left with what the Hollywood Reporter calls "serious regrets" about allowing the magazine to use the characters in a photo shoot for a summer issue. Apparently, what they expected was a more "reverential treatment of [their] most valuable characters", one akin to the Harper's Bazaar integration of Simpsons characters clad in Chanel, Versace, et al prior to the release of The Simpsons Movie.  If I were expecting that, yeah, I'd be disappointed too.  What they got was ladies in lingerie leaning up against Donkey, some awful Photoshop integration, and a whole lot of super tacky nonsense.  More embarrassing for Dreamworks or Vman?  I can't decide.  It's a "fashion" equivalent of a photo shoot conducted standing next to cardboard cutouts aimed at 8-year olds.  WTFs abound.  Pretty sad.

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