Friday, April 30, 2010

Seen & Heard: Christina Aguilera

Its been awhile since we've seen Christina Aguilera on the charts.  She took a break, and the pop music scene slanted dramatically in the direction of Gaga and away from the ruling coy sexualities of our slowly aging pop tarts.  So, it's no surprise that Aguilera's video return, "Not Myself Tonight" seems to follow from Gaga's brash and unapologetic example.  I won't follow Perez Hilton and call it a 'rip-off'.  That seems unfair, as Gaga herself samples from a bevy of musical influences and both artists owe much to Madonna.  What I will say is that Aguilera and her team of stylists do seem to be attempting to play within the risque costuming vein Gaga works with...but they got it all wrong.  Sorry Xtina, but you have to do more than prance around in provocative lingerie and attempt girl-on-girl shock value to make a music video these days.  You've missed the satirical aspect, the allusions, and the shameless camp of it all, not to mention, it looks like you raided the strip mall Lover's Lane instead of Alexander McQueen.  This comeback lacks bite and feels like a polished up repeat of "Dirrty" only this time you're trying to shirk the married mommy role instead of your girlhood innocence.

I feel meh about this.  What do you think?

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