Friday, April 30, 2010

Owls. Plain and Simple.

There's an owl that chatters all night on my roof.  Like every night.  This is occasionally annoying but mostly it's awesome because owls are pretty awesome.  That's fifth grade logic, right there, and something you should know.  This is a post that has nothing to do with anything.  It's not even new science (they've totally used this tactic with other animals, condors, for example)!  But, it's very charming.  Three orphan tawny owl chicks are being raised by workers at a hawk rescue center using a puppet "Super Mum" with a tweezer beak in an attempt not to acclimate them to the presence of humans (or wizards).  Cute.  Don't even pretend.  Puppets and owls.  Cute. [source]

Look...more owls.

This little screech owl definitely has opinions on politics. This is the face that it gives you when you're running your mouth on immigration law and national health care using facts you picked up from television talking heads. This screech owl wants to know just where you got those percentages from.

Meanwhile, that owl...the great horned one who's looking at you and saying "and what?" is basically the one that chatters on my roof at all hours of the evening.  I know this because one night he was on another roof pretending to be a gargoyle demon and I looked out the window and stared him down.  It was pretty epic, but ultimately, I closed the shutters and he was still there.  So, really, he won because that's not something I want to mess with. 

Update 5/1: Guys, guess what? You can watch a live feed of a nest of owlets out in California.  It's like going to the zoo, but at your desk. Or, walking outside and getting in an owl mom's face, but at your desk.  Actually, at your desk and not in owl mom's face is probably a really good place to be...
Streaming live video by Ustream

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