Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Lollapalooza line-up was announced yesterday, and though I saw it first thing in the AM on Tuesday, I'm a day late in posting.  I know, I know, I fail...but if it helps, I've been literally running about flailing out of control like a hawk without tailfeathers. 

The Chicago fest's lineup may have an absence of Chicago bands, but it does stay true to the Lolla formula. The necessary smattering of eclecticism is accounted for: a couple big reunions (Soundgarden, The Strokes), some noteworthy vets (Devo, Jimmy Cliff), the big crowd pleasers (Lady Gaga, Green Day), and a heaping helping of indie rock and electronic. 

I bought my tickets about a week after last year's festival, so in spite of some scheduling conflicts (already! can you believe it?) I'll be accounted for at this year's Lolla.  My gut reactions are pretty mixed.  Overall, the lineup feels incomplete.  The number of bands feels smaller than previous years, and I have to hope they'll continue to add second and third tier acts beneath the headliners.  I'm also a tad disappointed they weren't able to snag recently reunited acts like Massive Attack, Blur, and Pavement, some of the touring acts included in lineups for fests like Coachella (Charlotte Gainsbourg, Miike Snow, The Gossip), or some repeat/cancelled artists from years prior (La Roux, Passion Pit). 

Check out the lineup and send me your feedback.  

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  1. Yeah I've only had a chance to scan the lineup. Just like last year I don't initally recognize a lot of the bands but I'm going to go through them and listen to see what I like. I'll be curious to see what other bands there going to have. Hockey will be back and you know how much I enjoyed their 3 song set.



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