Friday, April 30, 2010

James Cameron (wait for it) IN SPACE.

Now that James Cameron's ego has expanded to a size the Earth is not capable of accommodating, there's only one place left for him to go.  Space.  The final frontier.  The place where the man who gave us Avatar may be dragging his 3D cameras next.  You read that correctly.  It has been reported that Cameron has met with NASA administrator Charles Bolden to convince him to attach 3D technology to the Mars rover Curiosity, which is slated for launch in 2011.  The Pasadena Star News claims the camera would record 10-frames per second and the goal (aside from a likely documentary) would be to heighten awareness and get folks excited about Mars exploration.  That or Cameron is a space conquistador, and he's been Richard Dreyfussing it out in his mansion making replicas of Devil's Tower and the Martian landscape making desperate phone calls to NASA at 3 AM begging them to launch him towards Mars because he's had more experience with alien politics than anyone this side of the Emperor Palpatine and he sees you.  He sees you NASA, his brothers and he knows you understand that he's already king of this world.   

Sometimes I think that Farmer Hoggett (James Cromwell) looks an awful lot like an older James Cameron.  I know, I'm a scoun.

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