Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hollywood Sign Hotel

The Hollywood sign itself may be owned by the city of Los Angeles, but the land around it belongs to private investors.  The Daily News reports that young architect Christian Bay-Jorgensen, fearing the obstruction of the iconic sign by private homes, has proposed building up the sign and transforming it into a boutique hotel.  Each 45-foot plywood letter would be enlarged to double the size and built up from behind so that visitors would be able to stay within the sign itself. Jorgensen acknowledges how far-fetched his concept and his toying with the landmark is:
"I know people are scared," he said. "I know they are afraid this idea will turn it into Disneyland."
But when tourists from other countries come to see the sign, they imagine a majestic structure. Instead, they see "plywood and white paint."
"This area should be more public," he said. "I think this could be something that could improve the experience of the LA resident, to let them see the sign in a new way." (source)
I think the idea is an interesting one, though not one people should expect to develop anytime soon.  Cara Rule, from the board of Hollywood United Neighborhood Council and Chris Baumgart, chairman of the Hollywood Sign Trust (the group in charge of maintaining the sign), both tell the News it's not going to happen.   The general conclusion from officials in the city of celluloid?  That idea is just too far-fetched.

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