Monday, March 15, 2010

Seven: Basically A Music Video.

I look away for a second and another iamamiwhoami video is uploaded to youtube.  This one marks a shift from the disjointed to the fluid, it's practically a music video, though for what/whom, we still can't be certain.  Our subject is all taped up and digitally warped, this time with oversized false eyelashes and glitchy matrix cats.  The colors are muted, all is fairly calm.  There are no animal sketches and the link in the descriptor tag goes to pagaent girls.  Sure, the idiotic youtube commentary will jump all over "B" referring to the supposed Aguilera album title, or suggest a connection between the Disney pagaent girls and certain former musketeers.  But...I think we're a pretty far cry from Xtina.  The physical movements mixed with the sound and video aesthetic definitely lean towards Lykke Li for me.  There is talk, however, of the videos belonging to another Swedish import: 29-year old  Jonna Lee (picture below), who's making her big stateside debut at SXSW.  Yes, there are some key similarities.  She's a definite possibility. Will the reveal and her performance coincide? MYSTERY.  I'll admit though, I found this video significantly less intriguing and I'm pretty disappointed it didn't come with a straight answer.

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  1. 100% leaning towards the import. We'll have to take bets



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