Thursday, March 18, 2010

Seen and Heard: Hot Chip and Benjamin Biolay

Benjamin Biolay 'Padam' from mmparis on Vimeo.

Two very different music videos from me to you, two very different songs.  Both should maybe get added to your summer playlist.  The first is a Frenchy French vid for Serge Gainsbourg-esque pop singer Benjamin Biolay's song "Padam".  Nice and chill, with slippery floors and a multitude of dance moves provided by Biolay's stand-in Micha Lescot (an equally Frenchy French actor).

The second is electronic group Hot Chip's boy band inspired trip for their single "I Feel Better".  Directed by comedian Peter Seranfinowicz, the video has a certain type of off-kilter, surreal humor you sort of have to see to believe.  Hot Chip's videos are typically pretty decent, but this one definitely distinguishes itself with some serious 'wtf' points.  Watch it through to the end.  There's a paper due Monday.

Hot Chip - I Feel Better

Hot Chip | MySpace Music Videos

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