Sunday, March 7, 2010

RIP: Mark Linkous

Singer/songwriter Mark Linkous, perhaps best known as the frontman of slightly surreal rock act Sparklehorse, has committed suicide. Rolling Stone reports that the 40-something year old musician's death has been confirmed by his publicist.

Linkous had recently collaborated with Danger Mouse and David Lynch on the album Dark Night of the Soul, and was nearly finished with a new album with Anti- records.

Oddly, this is Linkous's second death.  His first came for two minutes in 1996 when, after suffering an overdose in a hotel room, he collapsed unconscious and cut off circulation to his legs for 14 hours.  Upon discovery, his lift caused a rush of built-up potassium that resulted in a heart attack.  Strange, but true.

Nothing further is known about the situations leading to Linkous's suicide.

My favorite Sparklehorse song (ignore the fan video), "Piano Fire" featuring PJ Harvey.

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