Monday, March 29, 2010

Review: How to Train Your Dragon

I'll admit it, when it comes to animated features, I tend to pre-judge a little bit.  A decade or so of experience and observation based research has dictated that Pixar is the go to production company for your computer generated animation and Dreamworks is their competition only in dollar signs, not in quality.  The diffenece, in my eyes, is that Disney/Pixar generally makes stories built to last and targeted at anyone with a pulse.  They're emotionally complex, easily relatable, and don't go for the cheap laughs.  Dreamworks, on the other hand, tends to go exclusively for the cheap laughs.  In the past, films dropped on the public from Dreamworks animation have played out essentially as goofy concept comedies with big name stars in the voice roles and layers or layers of pop cultural refences thrown in as a "hey, you" for the adults.  They're bright, poppy, and amusing, but don't resonate.  Few outside the K thru 8 set will tell you that Bee Movie or Over the Hedge is a classic, and the next generation won't even get the majority of the jokes in Shrek 2...

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