Friday, March 5, 2010

Novelty Treats: Slow Motion

Pop Candy Arcade isn't one of those blogs where the overarching theme is inspiration (Note: there's absolutely nothing wrong with the blogs that are about inspiration, I love a good photo blog as much as the next person).  I like to rant and rave about pop culture and all sorts of other crap, while occasionally getting down to the roots and acting real pretentious.  This morning I can admit that I've been intermittently reading Bolano's 2666 for awhile now.  I hit a major speedbump in the Part about the Crimes (in which, for those unwilling to slog through it, the reader encounters a couple hundred pages of Mexican rape/murder and Mexican murder/rape.  In short: not pleasant, and frankly exhausting)  and last night decided that I needed to get myself back on track, suck it up, and skim through the remainder of that section.  It's not a bad book, but one can really only see so many death reports and torn nipples in a row before even the most jaded English major gets a little antsy.  Where was I going with this?  I don't know.  It's a slow news week.  We're (the royal we) waiting for the Oscars so we can be angry as we're entertained, waiting for Lady Gaga to release the video for "Telephone", waiting to see Alice so we can make up our mind, debating whether or not our blu-ray collection needs Where the Wild Things Are, hoping the iamamiwhoami mystery is revealed (like today).  What to post?  Well, inspiration and random aesthetically pleasing crap. That's what.  Take, for example, a slow motion video of model Lily Donaldson's flying hair:
By association, we can move from the flying hair to Vitalic's video for "Poney Part I".  It's all dogs and lasers, and for some reason, that seems to work.  Granted, I have a softspot for electronica, and I do love me some Vitalic. It's just the right kind of robotic repetition for me.  Layered, frequently a little dark, and French. Let's not pretend the French aren't good at electronica.  That's another art they've mastered. 

Then, when I think of Vitalic, I'm reminded that Goldfrapp's new video for "Rocket" turned up online the other day.  Of course, EMI has disabled the embed function on youtube (the brats), but you can watch the (surprisingly literal) video here.  Moving from flying hair to flying dogs to the work in "Rocket", my mind also switches over to the strange phenomenon that is Legend of the Guardians.  It's an animated adventure with owls.  Owls are pretty great. But wait, it's an animated family adventure directed by Zack Snyder.  What? Snyder made a family movie?  When did he find time to do that? Either way, it looks gorgeous. Too bad the owls have to open their mouths and break the spell.  These guys chatter more than the one that hoots away all night on my roof.

Legend of the Guardians (2010) - Trailer - HD from Patrick Cavill on Vimeo.

Then, since the link-ups in my brain don't work in any sort of linear pattern I leap over here and think: watermelon t-rex.  Why? Because that's amazing and no picnic this summer will be complete without one.

Penguin has teamed up with AIDS awareness group (RED) to offer up new, graphic editions of 8 of their classics. Why not, right? The new repackaging is largely text based in its design, which is something of particular interest to me as I was the kid in high school painting strange, text-scrawled modern versions of Mrs. Dalloway and Crime and Punishment during art class. Plus, they made a cover for Edith Wharton's House of Mirth, and that's always a plus.

Really, though, I'm more on board with the Notes from Underground art.  Bibliophiles: freak out!  (see the rest of Penguin's (RED) covers here)

I don't even know what this means, but it has inspired me to write one.  "To whom it may concern, regarding the biscuits..."

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