Friday, March 5, 2010

Back in the Day #11: White Town

Your woman-White town from krito26. on Vimeo.

Oh man. White Town. Remember them?  Of course you do.  White Town was that band who was really just that guy who made that song that confused millions of people and prompted all sorts of in-car discussion between groups of friends who couldn't quite parse the song's directive.  "Your Woman".  Is it a man singing to a girlfriend who turns out to be lesbian?  Is it a man taking the role of woman?  Is it a man singing to a gay boyfriend who is in fact bisexual or straight?  Is it a man who has been jerked around by someone who just can't decide?  In the late 90's and early 00's, we had no way of knowing.  All we could do was speculate.

In 2010...we almost have answers.  Guess what guys?  Not only does White Town himself (real name: Jyoti Mishra) have a Wikipedia page, "Your Woman" does too.  Not only that, but there's actually an FAQ section on White Town's webpage devoted to this exact query.   Know what?  White Town isn't even sure what his song is about. It may, in fact, be any of these things:

"Being a member of an orthodox Trotskyist / Marxist movement (as I was for three years in the 80s).

Being a straight guy in love with a lesbian (ditto).
Being a gay guy in love with a straight man (not tried this one yet).
Being a straight girl in love with a lying, two-timing, fake-ass Marxist.
The hypocrisy that results when love and lust get mixed up with highbrow ideals" [source]

So, the cycle continues.  "Your Woman" is an enigmatic song and exactly the kind that I like to forget, because it makes it that much better when I remember.  What we can learn from Wikipedia?  The trumpet is sampled from "My Woman" by Al Bowlly.

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