Saturday, February 20, 2010

We've Got Spirit Yes We Do...

If this had been what school spirit entailed at my high school, I probably would have been all about it. Luke McDaneld, a senior at Lawrence High School in Lawrence, Kansas gathered 350 students from all different groups and social circles and organized a single shot "lipdub" to Kim Wilde's "Kids in America".  It's meant to be part of the school's winter festival activities, and the kids in the BK crowns are all on court.

Anyway, it pretty much looks like the most fun ever, and has that great sort of idealistic high school experience feeling that makes me feel a bit of false nostalgia.  Thanks, Luke McDaneld.  Very pleasant.  (I really want to make one of these now.  Really)


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  2. that. was. awesome.

    also, i dont have a chinese language font pack so im just gonna keep my comments in english. hope that's kosher.



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