Thursday, February 18, 2010


I haven't done much coverage on New York's Fashion Week this time around.  It's not that things haven't caught my eye, they certainly have.  Right now we're in one of those glorious periods where my tastes are just about perfectly aligned with what the fashion industry wants to sell me (how many different black and white striped shirts can you own?  I'm not going to answer that, suffice to say that the b&w stripe is the uniform for prisoners, artists, and me).  This is never a good thing for my bank account, but my god it feels right.  I can't go shopping anymore. I'm not allowed. Because, literally, every time I step near a place where garments are being sold I leave with something I don't necessary need and this, my friends, is what people call a vice.

Luckily, when it comes to Fashion Week, we're dealing with a look don't touch scenario.  On my measly student budget, the price I will pay for appearances is limited by necessity.  Unfortunate, but true.  This means that looking and admiring the runway collections is akin to daydreaming.

As daydreams go, I'm pretty enchanted by the threeASFOUR show.  The way they've blended structure with organic shape is gorgeously alien and I'm definitely digging the cut-out leggings that actually manage to look really classy (I think) and not, for once, like they'd be worn by a strung-out junkie crawling through the gutter searching for a pony pack.

Anyway. Let's all admire the threeASFOUR collection and think about how great it would be if these things were in my closet for special occasions.  You know, like the million and a half weddings I'm slated to attend this year alone.  Yes, friends, if you doubted it before you can rest assured that if I had the means, this is basically what I would wear to the various celebrations of your future marital bliss.  Maybe not that olive/gold number...but the other ones, yes.

Just you wait for the day I actually have a real job. Oh, just you wait.

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