Monday, February 8, 2010

This weekend's SNL posed a valid question: What is Burn Notice? It seems simple. It's a TV show. But past that, what do we really know about Burn Notice? Who's watching Burn Notice? I began to reflect upon all the street posters and pre-movie commericials I'd seen for the show and realized that I really had no idea what that show was about. Nor did I realize the other factoids SNL drops in the segment (it's entering its 4th season, really?).

This morning, I've decided to become informed. Granted, I'm not planning on actually watching Burn Notice. I could really care less. No, instead I took the lazy researchers way out and looked it up on wikipedia. What I can tell you now is that Burn Notice is a show that isn't about any of the things the ads I've seen for it suggest. I'm with the folks on SNL. It's about a spy. Apparently, a 'burn notice' is something issued by an intelligence agency that marks an unreliable agent. So, the show is about a spy who can't leave his hometown (Miami) because if he does someone will go hunt him down. The catch is that he doesn't know who burned him, and apparently he takes odd jobs to fund his own personal investigation. If you ask me, it sounds like someone wanted to make an espionage show that offered a chance to show a lot of half naked ladies without actually throwing down the cash to shoot in all the exotic locales 007 travels to.

Now that that question has been answered, we can ask the next one: What is Royal Pains and who in god's name is watching it?

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