Monday, February 1, 2010

Things I Don't Care About...

Guys, it's really time to own up to the face that the Grammys are an outmoded, out of touch suck fest of an award show. It's a big popularity contest where music will almost never be rewarded for innovation. It's bad enough that they seem to consider The Black Eyed Peas and squinty princess Taylor Swift the finest artists in music this past year, it's worse that with all the different sorts of categories the awards actually cover, they do only a small percentage (the top 40) on the televised award show. As a music awards show, too, it's not very exciting. I've learned this. I don't watch it in completion, but just fast forward to see if anyone will somehow manage to surprise me. See, there's a certain amount of prestige to the Grammys, which means that unlike the shenanigans at the MTV video awards (which is a nonsensical award, but a generally interesting commercial), the performers generally get serious and play the bland songs that do things like 'show their range'. For example: Lady Gaga brought in Sir Elton John to perform a dueling piano version of "Speechless" and Beyonce mashed-up ballads like "If I Were A Boy"...snore. It's a sad evening when pompous old Jamie Foxx is the one who brings the crazy, and apparently we can blame that on the alcohol. Snore. Snore. Snore. I'm done. If you weren't already aware, the night's big winners were Taylor Swift, Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, and Kings of Leon. Here's what I think of that: insanely boring, are you kidding me?, alright, and boring. But hey, at least Phoenix got some recognition! No further comment.

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