Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP: Alexander McQueen

40-year old fashion designer Alexander McQueen was found dead today in his London home after committing suicide. McQueen had been having a difficult time processing the death of his mother on February 2nd, and his own suicide comes three years after his mentor Isabella Blow took her life ingesting weedkiller. While no detailed information has been released, it is believed McQueen hung himself.

McQueen's death comes just days before the opening of London Fashion Week and weeks before the fashion world was anticipating the unveiling of his spring collection in Paris. The man was an icon of British fashion and one of my favorite designers, his work and presentation were lavish, outlandish, and eccentric risks that spoke to the artistry and imaginative capacity of garment design. The news comes as a shock and is, frankly, nothing short of a tragedy as an industry has prematurely lost a legend.

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