Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Another iamamiwhoami video has appeared. This time it's titled which spells out mandragora.  A mandragora is a little doll made from a mandrake root given to sorcerers by the devil himself to consult when necessary.  They are, essentially, fetishes in the anthropological, supernatural sense of the word.  If you wanted to really stretch the supposed Aguilera correlation, you could shoot back to the beginning of her career and remember when she was the face of Fetish cosmetics.  But, like I said, that seems a stretch.  You could also say that the woman we keep seeing is the mandragora and a mislead for whatever is lurking in that little house...but...

In continuation of me wasting way too much of my time on these videos, I actually don't think this one looks much like Christina Aguilera at all.  Granted, some of the camera work is a little warped here and there, but the shape of the eyes is seems off to me.  It does, however, look rather like Little Boots.  Granted, this would mark a sea change for her as well, but the sort of strange off kilter mysticism and nature imagery has been incorporated into her more futuristic look for the last album Hands. The girl in question also looks a little like Ellie Goulding, though when you see the cover art for her upcoming album, that feels pretty hard to believe.  Then again, some of the images seem to be getting more specific. Last time we had a whale. This time we have a bee.  We have a lot of dogs. The only thing I can find connecting bees and whales is this absurd little youtube nature video, which I'm pretty sure has some false information in it...

Of course, the iamamiwhoami youtube videos actually have links to other youtube videos in their description section.  With #3, there was a link to a National Geographic segment about the whale shark that described the animal's diet: its mouth is a filter, it consumes fish eggs during spawning.  Is that a nudge towards previous suspect The Golden Filter or merely an interesting fact?  #4 goes to an amateur shot short of a bumblebee on a sunflower.  #2 is all about the vocals of the barred owl.  #1 is a goat birth.  Goat. Owl. Whale. Bee. In short, I quite honestly don't know what to make of this. And, like MTV's James Montomery, it's sort of driving me crazy.  I want to know.  Even if it's a major disappointment, I've sort of hit that place where I need to see the pieces add up to something.

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