Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ugly Betty Gets Canceled

Guess what? After being shuffled every which way by ABC, Ugly Betty has been canceled. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has chanced upon the show lately. Betty has been stuck in a rut for the last two seasons, desperately clinging on to what makes Betty 'different' and constantly stomping on what makes Betty finally able to advance in life. The show set itself up for its own problems by too strongly harping on the moral "be who you are, don't change for anyone" angle and thus cramping its character's otherwise predestined evolution. I mean, let's face it, anyone working at a fashion magazine as long as Betty has been would likely become a little less naive, a lot more professional, and pick up a fair amount of free swag/style sense. Yet, here we are in the fourth season: Betty has only just been bumped up out of her glorified secretarial position, she keeps playing the role of desperate people-pleaser, she can't seem to get the braces removed, and she's still mismatching her clothes and clinging to one of the ugliest necklaces in television history. How are we supposed to keep believing in (and rooting for) a character who refuses to evolve? If they (ABC, etc) wanted to save the show, they should have done some trimming. Drop the Daniel-centric plot lines, realize Wilhelmina as villain is old hat, have Betty pull a 180 after her break-up, allow her to have some guiltless success, a tad more respect, and some straight teeth. Lots of people want to root for the underdog, but if the underdog never makes it...people stop caring. Sorry Betty, hope you get the wrap up you deserve in the show's final episodes.

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  1. Great analysis. You put into words what I felt but couldn't quite put my finger on.



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