Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Novelty Treats: Star Wars Burlesque

If you're a cosplay nut excited (or merely amused) not only by Princess Leia's infamous slave girl bikini, but also by ladies costumed as Jabba the Hutt, then you probably need to go west towards Bordello, a Los Angeles club that features a very special evening of Star Wars burlesque. I'd say more, but I shouldn't have to....the pictures are indeed worth a thousand words. Personally, I think my viewing experience would go a little like this. First: I would purchase a drink. Second: I would laugh and snicker and be generally gleeful about the overall absurdity of the show. Third: I would get tired of laughing and then start feeling uneasy about the masks. Fourth: I would retreat to sipping quietly on my beverage, feeling creeped out, and smiling nervously every few minutes. Then the show would probably end and I would remark on how much I enjoyed the decor.

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