Saturday, January 23, 2010

Look at this F@%$in' Graph!

One time in high school a friend of mine and I actually tallied the number and variety of expletives used in Martin Scorsese's Casino. I mean, there were a lot, and we were curious. Call it collecting scientific data that served no purpose other than being able to drop an (un)interesting fact. These days, kids don't have to get out scratch paper and a pencil to count colorful language, wikipedia does it for them! This is a graphic representation of the films with the highest counts of the word 'fuck'. Truth! The first one, is, of course, the documentary on the word itself, which is sort of disappointing. Anyway, if you like this, there's an even larger chart on wikipedia. What I want to know is who in the hell is counting these things? I mean, really?

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