Thursday, January 14, 2010

Intrigue & Tree Licking

There's a mystery on the interwebs, dear reader. Elaborating upon the mystery means that I will be playing into a viral marketing campaign. But, elaborate I must. You see, there are some strange videos circulating. Dark videos. Videos that look like they had a real budget. Videos that channel the disturbing nature imagery of Antichrist and contain horrors. Tree licking, animal birthing, branches with human limbs. They've been posted to youtube by a user lamely called "iamamiwhoami" and were accompanied by a now deactivated twitter account that informed readers "“SHE IS COMING. SPREAD THE WORD,” “Will you follow or flee? Spread the word #sheiscoming” and “SHE IS HUNGRY.” (via MuuMuse).

One of the videos shows a blonde woman, heavily muddied up, licking tree bark. Is that the she? For all we know, yes. The question then is: who is it. Based on the imagery and the sound, my immediate thought is "well, it's obviously Goldfrapp". I mean, Felt Mountain feeds right into this sort of video (as does the imagery used to promote Seventh Tree and the video for "A&E") and maybe with the performance art stakes now raised by Lady GaGa (who I sense that this is not, though the Hedi Slimane videos during her concert keep her in the running), Alison Goldfrapp has now been liberated to be as odd as she wants to be. It looks a bit like her in fake eyelashes, but it's almost impossible to say. Plus, Goldfrapp has a new album scheduled to drop in March. Yet, therein lies the rub. This is the cover of Goldfrapp's Headfirst....cotton candy clouds of pink and blue don't do much in the way of indicating much.
If not Goldfrapp, who? Well, this is where it gets interesting. Some have thrown out Fever Ray, Bjork, MGMT, The Knife, Patrick Wolf, etc. But, there's quite a bit of internet speculation that suggests the "she" in question is actually someone who we would usually not suspect, someone who has been plotting a total reinvention (via producers such as Goldfrapp, M.I.A., etc): Christina Aguilera. Um, whoa? Is it possible? Yes. What little we know about the direction Aguilera is trying to take tells us that if nothing else it's designed to be electronically influenced and far from B. Spears. Would dark, sexually suggestive nature imagery kill her pop tart career? In the age of GaGa...maybe not.

Of course, all of this is just speculation. In reality, the viral campaign may not be related to music at all. For all I know this is for an actual video installation or performance artist, a movie, or some sort of ultimately disappointing brand. Right now, though, I'm intrigued...and my gut still says Goldfrapp.

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  1. I really don't think its Goldfrapp. For some reason, I don't get that at all. If it is Aguilera, that would be incredible. I expect you to stay abreast of the situation and keep us updated while I go cower under my bed and try to forget about foxes...again.



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