Monday, January 25, 2010

Intrigue Part II

Remember our mystery viral videos? A new one has surfaced. We see a bit more of the woman in question, but our view is still heavily shrouded. We have more clues and possible red herrings, however. The video's numeric title definitely seems to be a working code that starts off "ITS ME". If you listen to some, by adding up the other numbers and then adding together the two digits of the double digit response, you come up with the number 3, or C, which points (for those who want to believe) towards Christina Aguilera. I'd tried decoding before, but the other titles didn't point to anything overtly specific (or that I could parse). Muu Muse, who seem to be following the events closely knock the other numeric titles down to:

Prelude 699130082.451322 = (38.17) = (CH.AG) = CH. AG. = I. A. M. CH. = I.T.S.M.E.C.

It's pretty compelling evidence, though I don't quite understand why the first two letters of a name would be used to indicate the artist. That's not enough to sell me. However, the visuals do appear to be fairly similar to the work of Alix Malka, the photographer supposedly shooting the album art for Aguilera's upcoming release and with different backing instrumentals, the track Aguilera performed at the Haiti fundraising telethon isn't vocally dissimilar (lyrically, yes, but otherwise, she's sounding more subdued):

Yet, I can't quite get past how drastic the change would be from Aguilera's current David La Chapelle type look and the poppy cheapness of the "Keeps Gettin' Better" video. If this is her, it would be one hell of a fast (and drastic) 180. Yet, it very well could be her. We may legitimately be able to lean further towards xTina. I am, as of today, rather convinced that it is not Alison Goldfrapp. If only because Goldfrapp's first single "Rocket" has leaked and the sound is disparate from the images. As several music blogs have already aptly pointed out, the new sound is more towards The Pointer Sisters and straight 80's synth than ever before. Since they usually go for a pretty cohesive image with each album, it may be safe to say they're officially down for the count.

Still in the running? We can't totally rule out The Knife/Fever Ray/Karin Andersson quite yet. The Knife's website claims the group is working on a collaborative studio opera entitled Tomorrow, In A Year with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock. The work is based around Darwin's Origin of Species and, well, all the videos point towards ideas of birth and evolution and could easily fit into the aesthetic of any of the three artists involved in. Dum dum dum. Who else? Well, Sia has a new album coming out and her sound seems to have evolved back into electronic. She, though, is a long shot. The voice, though, could certainly be hers. There's also a band called The Golden Filter whose name is being tossed around. They've got the right type of sound and potentially the right sort of image. A lot of nature, a bit of mystery, and a blond lead singer who looks a bit like our mud-slathered mystery lady. Thing is, they've already got a string of teaser videos for their upcoming album...and they don't quite match up to the high budget look of the numeric puzzlers. Could it be? Probably not. But at this point, anything is possible. I'll admit, I'm totally intrigued and really enjoying playing Nancy Drew with the little scraps of non-evidence.

The Golden Filter - "Thunderbird" from The Golden Filter on Vimeo.


  1. Excellent choices. Keep us posted, you've got me hooked.

  2. i spent more time than i should multplying, dividing, adding, subtracting and cubing those numbers.

    also, an alphanumeric code seems too easy.



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