Friday, January 8, 2010

I Don't Like It: Leap Year

Alright, so, the trailers for the abysmal looking new film Leap Year have really been bugging me. At first, my annoyance was triggered by yet another romantic comedy centered around the female protagonist's non-sensical solo trip to Ireland. I mean, how many can we have? Off the top of my head I can already think of P.S. I Love You and Laws of Attraction as guilty of implying that the only decent men left on the planet are found within the rolling hills of Ireland (frequently in small, backwards villages filled with mud). Then, I started wondering why Amy Adams and Matthew Goode were in this movie at all. Surely Adams is being offered better projects? Goode, too, must have had an indie on the table that would help further his career? Then, around the second or third time i was force fed the trailer in the theater I paid attention and started to ask real questions about the plot itself. This is where I stopped just shaking my head and started actually asking 'wtf'.

This film is apparently about a woman (Amy Adams, of course) who has been dating her boyfriend for a good four years. He has yet to propose, and she's starting to get fed up. Yet, instead of talking to him, or proposing in America, she adheres to some sort of odd tradition that says women can pop the question to a man on 2/29 of a magical, mystical leap year.

Yes, you read that right. Think that over for just a couple seconds and join me in a gigantic What the bloody hell? Someone made a film based around the premise that a modern woman only feels she's allowed to propose to her long-term boyfriend if she leaves the country to take part in some sort of mythical tradition. There are so many things wrong with that concept, and the fact that it was even green lit, that it's almost maddening. Someone check the calendar. I need verification that we recently entered 2010 and not 1945. I'm sorry, but really Hollywood? Is there a reason it's so hard to get a decent movie marketed towards women that isn't underhandedly misogynist or a complete insult to an entire gender? Or, better question, yo Anand Tucker! After directing part of the Red Riding trilogy, Hilary and Jackie, and Shopgirl, who held you at gunpoint and forced you to take on Leap Year.

Ugh. I'm going to go seethe in a corner somewhere.

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