Friday, December 11, 2009

We're on Facebook

So, let's face it. You're already on Facebook, and if you're seeing this, you already read at least one of the trio of blogs in the little blog collective my good friend M. and I call Blog & Squalor. You know what you should do then? Fan us (and if you haven't, follow us here too!). I mean, i'd rather call it 'friending' and all, but Facebook pages are all about fandom, and we finally got around to finalizing ours just a little while back! Right now, we've got a few folks on board, but we could use a few more. We promise not to let our heads inflate like botulism balloons (does anyone know, by the way, if botulist is a real term?), and as part of the overeducated and underemployed crowd, we could use any support we can get when it comes to encouraging us to write away from our day jobs. You don't have a good excuse, help spread the gospel of Blog & Squalor to needy citizens of the world here.

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