Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Um, That Was Fast...

After the ridiculous wait between seasons 5 and 6 of Project Runway, i wasn't expecting the reality show to reload so quickly. But, guess what? Season 7 of the fashion competition is coming soon to a television set near you. Like, really soon. Really soon. As in, January 14th. Surprise!
After last seasons drab, dull cast, i'm hoping the only way the show can head is up. Judging by looks alone, this crew looks like it might have some bigger (or at least more egocentric) well as a smidge more taste and personal style. Lifetime's site gives you a little information on the line up. For example, that dude who looks like Patrick Bateman in a sailor jacket? His name is Jesse LeNoir. Which is clearly an invented name. His picture sort of scares me, but he seems alright in his video. However, i'm hoping for some drama. I'm voting he start something with the dude who looks like the middle aged mall punk. Clash of the images!

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