Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Things I Don't Care About.

James Cameron is really trying to set up Avatar as a sci-fi Titanic. Massive budget, too much hype, epic proportions, and a score by James Horner. If you were conscious in the late 90's, you remember the omnipresence of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On". It was everywhere, totally unavoidable. Everyone seemed to own at least one of the albums it appeared on, it was played on every radio station from top 40 to adult contemporary to smooth jazz and hip hop (remember the remixes?), and now, whenever the first strains of the song come on, people immediately huff, puff and resist the urge to put a bullet in their own brains. The thing about that song, though, was that its popularity seemed almost accidental. It was a movie ballad that people picked up on because they were so in love with the film. Cameron and Horner are trying to reproduce that sort of popularity a little too quickly, throwing the Leona Lewis theme song "I See You" into an arena of fanboys and sci-fi geeks who could probably care less. Hey James Cameron, you know how to pick up a premature backlash on your massive "game changing" science fiction movie? Push sappy love ballads onto your target audience. That'll do it. Remember Terminator? Aliens? Somehow those made it without emotional outpourings by Bonnie Tyler or Kate Bush.

Lame, James Cameron. Lame. Boo hiss, lame. Is it just me or does it seem that lately (apart from the musical) the 'original' movie theme song is sort of dead?

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