Friday, December 11, 2009

Speaking Of...

The magazines are starting to release all the best of the decade and best of the year lists, in the last couple days, there's been a whole batch from the major players....and they diverge in some pretty weird ways. Entertainment Weekly's list is undoubtedly the biggest question mark for me, a sort of grab bag of styles and albums, some of which certainly didn't leave a mark big enough to put them in the top 50, let alone 10. Meanwhile, Rolling Stone has a double header of the 100 best songs of the decade as well as the best albums, i suggest viewing them in a text only format over at Stereogum. Their picks are a little more along the lines of what i would expect, though they wouldn't necessarily be my choices, they fit Rolling Stone's overall reach and cover the right places in the mainstream and indie charts. The most interesting one, though, is Spin's best of 2009, where Lily Allen and U2 mingle with Mastodon and Raekwon.

What's your 2009 favorite? How about the decade? These are the questions that i ask the ether.

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