Monday, December 28, 2009

Seen & Heard: These New Puritans/Washed Out

I like to bring you pretty,shiny, trippy new things for your collection. It is in that spirit that i once again present you with two more hypnotic music videos for to space out at in your more exhausted hours. The first one is for "We Want War" by Brit band These New Puritans, whose sophomore album Hidden is slated for a January 2010 release. The second is for one of my new favorite discoveries of the past year, Washed Out. The song is "Belong" and the video seems seconds away from a caffeine pill freak-out. "I"m so excited....i'm so exciiited...i'm so scared." Fun times. Actually, i mean, they're only kind of fun. Mostly they're just nifty.

Washed Out - Belong (Music Video) from Blake Salzman on Vimeo.

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