Friday, December 18, 2009

Review: Up in the Air

In the beginning, George Clooney may have been a little easy to write off. He was your typical television star turned charismatic movie actor. He went for the roles that you might expect a good looking, tongue-in-cheek guy like that to take: romantic comedy leads, blockbuster superhero flops, small action films. That lasted a few years. Slowly, though, Clooney's direction has shifted. From partnerships with the Coen Brothers and Steven Soderbergh, Clooney's roles became more substantial, his film choices impressively varied, his turns in the director's chair impressive. In spite of the fame, he knows when to step into the shadows (Good Night and Good Luck), when to step forward (Michael Clayton), he seems to rarely compromise and take the money maker, when there's a smaller film that could use a higher profile status upgrade. All of this has been done with a suave self-assuredness, and if its that last bit that has prevented you from giving in to the old Hollywood charm of George Clooney, Up in the Air is the antidote...

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