Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Review: Precious

Precious may be nearly a couple months old now, but i just got around to willing myself to watch it. The story, at this point, should be nothing new. Precious (Gabourey Sidibe) has got it tough. She's 16, illiterate, overweight, and carrying a child (her second) fathered by her own abusive father (who is nowhere to be seen). At home, she's kicked around and dragged under by a repugnant mother (Mo'Nique) who dispenses a daily dose of hatred and perverted jealousy from her armchair. At school, Precious is a laughingstock, several grades behind and towering over her middle school classmates. When she's booted from the public system, she finds a sliver of hope at a scuzzy looking alternative school. Yet, while the film is bearable in part because of the small amount of optimism Precious manages to maintain, it is no easy pill to swallow. First-time actress Sidibe carries her role well, becoming a character so complete and empathetic it's tough to picture her in any other context. Meanwhile, director Lee Daniels has structured the film into sharply cut episodes and fantasies, so that the viewer is allowed to see the heartbreak in full without the Hollywood happy ending. Precious's life is a grotesque rotating carnival of horror and pain. In many ways, it frequently feels like a pornographic display of cruelty, unflinching, unforgiving, and serving up the most unimaginable of human tragedies for a crowd hungry for suffering. Yet, Precious is ultimately compelling and held up by strong performances and gritty imagery. Sidibe and Daniels use the momentum of a relentless downward spiral and twist it upward, so that we see every small joy in Precious's life as a sort of triumph in which she is the bravest of heroes....

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  1. Your link is broken. Although I will never see Precious, I still desire to know what you thought of it.



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