Monday, December 21, 2009


You may have noticed, things are happening here at Pop Candy Arcade and at my other blog (with M.) Love & Squalor. In an effort to avoid calling our alterations 'new years resolutions', we've jumped on switching up the styles a little early. Why? Because i hate New Years. Also, it needed to be done. That old layout was too summery and it's pretty cold. Thus, fancy little design changes. Also, facebook fan pages, more constant updates, and well, just more work period.

Other things you should know:

*There's a few end of the year/end of the decade lists that will appear here, but almost all of the film lists will be appearing over the course of the next couple weeks at Love & Squalor. If you're curious, i'd recommend adding that recently souped up site to your follow/read list.

*I do all of this basically for fun, but it's nice to have some sort of recognition every once in awhile. Comment, subscribe, give me feedback and suggestions. Follow Blog&Squalor (which is the name for the tiny tiny two person blog collective M. & I run that includes this blog) on Twitter and Facebook. Also, click on the ads, cause i'm also doing this for free (oy).
In love & squalor,

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