Monday, November 23, 2009

Trailer: Greenberg

Sometimes Wes Anderson collaborator and otherwise solid in-his-own-right director Noah Baumbach's last movie was Margot at the Wedding. Which was sort of disappointing. I really wanted to like that movie, and I kind of did, but in a way where i never really want to watch it again. You know, like a half interesting New Yorker story with characters you try to identify with and then start hating yourself. Before that, though, Baumbach made two of my favorite go to movies for collegiate, east coast, pseudo-intellectual jibber-jabber: Squid and the Whale and 1995's post-grad truth, Kicking and Screaming. Both of these are why i'm feeling optimistic about his next film Greenberg, about a 40-year old underachiever played by a subdued looking Ben Stiller. Stiller hasn't really done anything past straight comedy in awhile, and while i'm amongst those who enjoyed the violent absurdity of Tropic Thunder, my favorite level of high-strung Stiller will always be Chas Tenenbaum. Maybe he and Baumbach, alongside Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rhys Ifans, and Greta Gerwig (Hannah Takes the Stairs) can both stage a respectable comeback. Yes?

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