Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seen & Heard: Charlotte Gainsbourg

I enjoyed actress/singer/fantastic dresser Charlotte Gainsbourg's last album 5:55, it had some pretty solid indie pop ("The Operation" wracked up a staggering amount of play counts for me) and for whatever reason i just love her voice. She has that strange sort of split French/English murmur from her divided ancestry, it's charming. I'd hesitate to call it elfin, but, I mean, it's almost there.

For her upcoming album IRM (the French version of MRI, much of the work was inspired by her near death 2007 water skiing accident, in which she suffered cerebral hemorrhage), Gainsbourg collaborated quite a bit with Beck. Now, we have a video for the single "Heaven Can Wait", a duet with the man himself. It's a meandering piece of alt-pop, a bit woozy and tinged with the sounds Beck has worked with on albums like Sea Change and Modern Guilt. Plus, the video features a man with a stack of pancakes for a head, so that's always good. If for no other reason, you should watch it for the pancakes.

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