Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's About Time.

Hey, guess what? America's Next Top Model finally got it right. My early pick, Nicole Fox, the girl who was smart, savvy, and talented enough to pay attention and study the behaviors of models (while remaining above the drama in the house), walked off with the title, Cover Girl contract, and cover of Seventeen magazine. For the first time ever, the most interesting girl, and the one with the brightest future, has won. I know it's superficial tripe and you don't care, but give me this moment to yammer on about this, because it seriously never happens. Every cycle, the tie-ins with Cover Girl and Seventeen get in the way of letting the person who deserves it win, and a commercial, fresh faced, 'girl next door' winds up winning. Nicole, at last, is someone who can manage approachable while maintaining editorial. She's going to get jobs, she might actually have a future once she gets past hawking mascara in guest appearances in the next cycle. The awkward nerd finally wins! It was so close last cycle, with saucer-eyed Allison, but wound up going to bubbly, wind-in-her-face sporty-type Teyona (who could turn it out in pictures, but even in her cameo on tonight's episode was underwhelming). Victory. All my time spent watching this show has been validated.

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