Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sleep No More

I don't live anywhere near Brookline, Massachusetts, but if i did i'd be scrambling to get tickets for "Sleep No More", the deconstructed production of Macbeth that has taken up residence in an abandoned school building. British theater company Punchdrunk has re-imagined the Shakespeare play as a work of environmental theater, allowing the audience to don white masks and wander at their leisure through 44 sumptuously designed rooms. The production's 18 actors perform their scenes throughout the building, not merely reciting lines, but creating their characters through dance and mime. Supposedly designed to present the essence of Macbeth through the lens of a Hitchcock thriller, the result seems nothing less than haunting. It sounds to me like a more fantastical, beautiful version of a Hell House. I love the idea of exploring a building that's pre-loaded with secrets to discover. Its almost enough to make me want to skip out on the responsibilities at the end of the semester and catch a plane over to Boston. Almost.

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